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Learn Hard. Sweat Hard.

Going Beyond Tradition Education

LPA students will leave our academy with their very own business, whether it be a Non-Profit, LLC or Incorporation. Entrepreneurship is at the epicenter of LPA and its culture.


100% Results

We believe that athletes at any level have the responsibility to become effective leaders for change by utilizing skills developed through their time playing sports. Students will be taught how to hone these skills and required to utilize them in their communities during their time enrolled.


Workout Facility


Our Methods

High School Basketball Game

Shape Your Minds

We provide In- person one on one tutoring. Full access online classes (edgenuity).​ College readiness program.


We offer a strength and conditioning program.

Have team and individual skills training, floor team practice, pop quiz and game film IQ.

Life Lesson

​Life Skills classes that focus on Financial Literacy, Social Media Training, Branding the athlete, and Mental Health and Wellness.


We will play a Traveling National and Regional Competitive Schedule.


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