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Education is an investment

Education is an investment in your child’s future and it is a financial investment that requires a big commitment. We understand that and know the decision to attend a private school does not come lightly.


Note: Outline the budget for the Academy including all anticipated expenses. The timeline of the program spans the school year, starting from September and concluding in May, aligning with the academic calendar. Deposit does not include in tuition registration fee $300 due Aug 2nd. Other expense may apply depending on Coaches requirements.

When is tuition due? 

There are four payment options available: one-time payment (lump sum), two semester payments, quarterly installments or monthly installments. Additional fees may apply if you want payment plan. The first payment is due Fall academic year, no later than, Sept 1st. 

Tuition Refund Program

The Tuition Refund Program (TRP) is designed to protect the tuition investment of those families who have enrolled and paid a partial tuition, but find themselves unable to attend Legion Preparatory Academy for either of the following reasons:

  1. The family is moving more than 50 miles away from LPA; or

  2. The student is unable to attend LPA due to medical reasons.

Families enrolled in the Tuition Refund Program pay a $200 fee per student. Families who pay annually may choose to participate in the program. Families who pay monthly must participate in the program.

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