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Mission Statement

LPA open in 2018 in Tx offering a non-traditional small private academy our mission is to that empowers students with the freedom to explore wide range of options and opportunities while working on their passion.

Why LP Academy?

We believe that athletes at any level have the responsibility to become effective leaders for change by utilizing skills developed through their time playing sports. Students will be taught how to hone these skills and required to utilize them in their communities during their time enrolled.


  • Full-time Academic Coordinator aiding students to access academic resources to balance their demanding schedules.

  • Sport performance training throughout the day.

  • Support from on-site health services staff including sport therapy and sport nutrition.

  • Our student-athletes receive more than just high-performance training, they receive a complete package.

  • Small classes 12 to 1 student teacher ratio.

  • Successful athletes developing mentally as well as physical discipline.

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