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At Legion Preparatory Academy, we seek to enroll students who will fully benefit from non traditional academic curriculum and the self-responsible independent campus culture we provide.


Our goal is to provide home school students a place for career and technical education with real world experience, opportunities for electives, and a place for families that thought they could not homeschool their children a place where they can.


 We look at each individual when determining admission and we have a strong record of success with a broad spectrum of students that fall within our mission. In particular, we excel in educating students who are highly motivated, possess unique gifts or talents, and thrive in an independent competitive learning environment.


Please note that we are not equipped to accept students with current legal issues, drug/alcohol, major psychological issues, or significant behavioral or disciplinary issues. 


Dismissal from or removal from another school because of behavioral or disciplinary issues excludes a student from admission. Students whose parents do not disclose behavioral issues during the application process that are later determined to exist will be expelled immediately.


Good Citizenship: Students without significant disciplinary or unexcused attendance issues are encouraged to apply.


High Commitment: We only admit students who are dedicated and committed to our high standards.

What is the process?


1. Schedule a campus tour

2. Review all school policies, procedures, and programs


4. Submit your Application 

5. Pay your application Fee

6. Wait for application review (1-2 weeks currently)

7. Accept your Admission

8. Select your tuition plan

9. Plan your classes

Supply List

Student Handbook

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